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DoFollow .GOV/.EDU Auto Approved (Instant) Backlinks
There are a couple of things we need to cover before you start here.

First of all I providespecific instructions for each link, follow them for best results. Second if it is a blog thatmeans any post on this blog will do, pick another one for better results (less outgoing links).
That’s about it, dig in and watch your site go nuts in SE rankings!
Please note, links with the ‘**’ after the number are NoFollow, all others are DoFollow!
Auto Approved .GOV Backlinks:
1. **
index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup&returnto=Main_Page Sign up for account here, then return to the wiki and choose ‘random page’ to find something to
edit. Just drop your URL with anchor text here [ anchortext] format.
2. Registerhere. Be sure to add your link in the ‘website’ field during registration. Confirm your email and your profile will go live with your backlink at the forum
3. Register here.

Then return to the forums @ Make a relevant post and use an anchor text link as a sort of signature at the end.
1. Comment here and link to your anchor text in the comment.
Register here. Edit your profile to include your link in the proper field.
3. Register then post a comment here.
4. Register and make a post on the forum with your backlinks and anchor text as signature.
5. Register for these forums.As you can see there is not moderation so feel free to make a full thread hyping your backlinks (with anchor text).
Register here and drop links, at the end of your post like a signature. In addition feel free to add a link to your profile!
10. **
main.cfm?CFID=6297797&CFTOKEN=47838801&CFApp=58& Register here then make a post and drop some links.
11. Register here
and add your link to your profile. You may make an on topic post to get your profile link indexed more quickly.
12. Just drop your links in the comment’s body with anchor text, be as spammy as you like there is no moderation!
13. Register here and add a link to your profile. Again just make a relevant post for faster indexing.
14. Register here. This forum has no posts so just add a link to your profile and let it get crawled, you can always  build a backlink to it to get it indexed faster but do not post in this forum!

Auto Approved .EDU Backlinks:

Register here for forums. (Is in Spanish, first two fields username, then email and last two are password). Now simply login and make a post. This forum is not moderated so feel free to drop lots of text in your post to make your link
contextually relevant for some extra juice.
5. !.aspx
Register here then edit your profile to add your URL in the website field. You may also add links with anchor text in your signature.
index.php?s=2acacdcdf67617b3e87db1978ab81434&act=Reg&CODE=00 Register here. Edit your ‘profile’ page and add your URL in the proper field.
9. Register here. Edit your profile and stick your link in the website field.
70%2523commentform Register here. Then return to the blog
) and add a comment (show/hidecomments). Use anchor text in comment body with link.
Register here. Login now and go to ‘user control panel’ and then ‘profile’. Just stick you link in there and it is good to go.

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